Silvia Broggi | Publitalia ’80 - Head of International Marketing

Publitalia ’80
Equipped with a degree in Public Relations from IULM, Milan 1999, Silvia Broggi now works within the media Industry, specialising in TV and advertising. Her career began working with the Mediaset Group in 2000, positioned in the International Sales House Publieurope, in the role of Group Product Manager. Silvia was posted for four years in London from where she managed the operative marketing for branches in London, Paris, Munich, Losanne and Madrid. In 2004 Silvia returned to Milan to enter Publitalia ’80 as International Marketing Manager. The significant international experience in Silvia’s professional development during the 8 years as International Marketing Manager, include orchestrating a collaboration with the Sales house of Nessma, a Maghrebian satellite TV channel (Tunis, Morocco, Algeria) for which she was posted in Tunis for 2 years, and a 6 month placement in Paris 2011 as Sales Manager for Publieurope.In 2012 Silvia returned to Milan for the promotion to Head of International Marketing of Publitalia ’80. Five years later she took on a second and simultaneous role as Marketing Director for the newly born AdTech&Business Development Division. This dual role is where she remains today - in charge of international marketing and marketing technology, where she manages the go to market, sale and development of Publitalia’80 addressable advertising offer.