Kamel Weiss | Spacetoon & Spacetoon Go - Strategic Business Development Director & General Manager

Spacetoon & Spacetoon Go
Kamel Weiss is the Strategic Business Development Director at GNAM (Holding company of Spacetoon), and the general manager of Spacetoon Go the online video streaming service for families. He plays several leadership roles in product development, digital media, and content development. Following an effective and productive digital approach, Kamel has been able to create new revenue streams and develop cutting-edge monetization strategies in the group with key focus on innovation and new tech; supporting the company’s vision of delivering safe and localized content. Kamel has been behind the digital transformation in Spacetoon with the launch of Spacetoon YouTube channel and driving over 2.3 billion views with more than 6.4 million subscribers. Recently, Kamel was able to guide the first Kids’ and Family T.V. channel in MENA into the streaming world, bringing the world’s best animation shows, delivering new and innovative experience to the Arab audience and leading shifts in consumer behavior and content consumption. In less than a year, Spacetoon Go has achieved over 7 million downloads and 5 million registered users. After big efforts to achieve greater goals Kamel has been named the Broadcast Executive at the Digital Studio Awards 2021.