Itai Epstein | WSC Sports - Head of CEE & China

WSC Sports
Itai is responsible for building, managing, and executing WSC’s business strategy in Central-Eastern Europe and Russia while he also handles WSC’s relations with some of the largest sports organizations in Western Europe. Besides, Itai leads WSC’s business strategy and operations in China. Itai has vast experience in strategic consulting and has specialized in planning, developing, and implementing Digital Transformation & Innovation projects. Working for the largest consulting firm in Israel, Itai has built & designed strategic plans and tackled complex business challenges for leading companies and governmental agencies in various industries. At WSC Sports, Itai has been working closely with top organizations in the sports industry across Europe and China, including some of the largest leagues, broadcasters & OTT’s in the world, supporting them with their digital strategy to strengthen their brand, increase fan engagement, create new monetization opportunities and maximize the value of their content.